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About Us

George Educational Institute (GEI) was established in 1995 under the aegis of late Shri.P.K. Patnaik, an eminent educationist from odisha who settled down in the Doon Valley

This institute was established keeping in view national as well as Defence requirements and motivated by the keen interest generated by the young Turks right from the tender age of ten years. This is the first institute of its kind in India which has fully fledged Network and Faculty to coach boys & girls appearing for the various entrance exams of UPSC to Defence-oriented establishments such as Rashtriya India Military College (R.I.M.C.) Military school/sainik school, National Defence Academy (NDA),Combined Defence Service Examinations (CDSE), Air Force, Navy, A.C.C & Women Entry.

The latest addition the faculty is Hotel Management and Merchant Navy. The faculty caters for all the subject such as English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History, Geography, Mental Robustness, Physical Fitness and Fluency in English are some of the additional subjects taught to boys to make them a good citizens of the country. The study also helps the students appearing for ICSE, CBSE Examinations. This institute is being run under the leadership of Col. D. R. Patnaik, who is a retired Defence Officer and son of the founder of the institute.

The ultimate aim of this institute is to develop high standard of physical fitness and mental robustness.

This institute is a "NO PROFIT ORGANISATION"

Career in Armed Forces

Career in the Armed Forces offers a very Attractive, Challenging and Progressive option for our young men & women finishing their 10+2, Graduation or Post Graduation Examination. On completion of mandatory training in NDA, IMA, and Air Forces & Naval Academy for 1 year respective they are capable of handling difficult and complex matters after becoming officers.

The services environment offers:
• A neet and healthy environment which is Result Oriented. There is no better place to serve, for Honest and Upright Persons than Armed forces.
• There is a Regimental pattern in every activity. Whether it is work, play leisure or even while eating. Discipline, Punctuality and Leadership are the keywords. Discipline becomes your way of life in every sphere.
• The Armed Forces services are a vast set-up, providing a reasonable good and fast career growth. Here, your career, Growth depends on performance and special skills. Certain courses entitle you to additional pay and allowances.
• You become a true Nationalist and forget the Religion, Ethnic and Regional Identities.
• There are ample opportunities to see our country, its Borders, Mountains, Jungles, Coastal areas, Deserts and Islands etc. you even get a chance to visit foreign countries.
• It has well defined areas of work which states Responsibilities and Accountability.
• Exemplary punishments doled out if you are found guilty. The Armed Forces, on their part, expect the young aspirants to have unflinching Loyalty, Dedication and Hard work.
• The officers so settled have the ability to lead men from the front, ready to make supreme sacrifices of there.